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September 18, 2023

Today's ride

Posted on September 18, 2023  •  3 minutes  • 468 words
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Lambert Park

Flow trails

So, today I had to leave for a trip where I won’t get to ride my bike :-( So I raced over to Lambert Park to do a few laps on the Hooked On a Feeling flow trail before heading to the airport. My ridelogs on Strava and Trailforks are here:

I looped the park hitting the fun new flow trails twice, once at the beginning and once at the end. My total climbing wasn’t too bad, like 1000 feet of vertical and my total miles was not even 6. It’s weird though, when I’m at Lambert Park it feels like I’ve worked harder than it should. I’m not sure what that is…

Here’s a video I did on these flow trails a while back.

The trail is great (the black Hooked on a feeling trail). But I completely forgot how much you have to pedal at the top to get enough speed to make all the step downs. So today I cased a few jumps on my first lap. After hitting the flow trail I rode up spring and got on rodeo.

Rodeo Trail

I love rodeo, I feel like I can usually really dial into it and go so fast. Today I guess I was just off a little bit. Maybe I was tired. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been riding as much as I normally would because I’ve been so busy. Or maybe it’s because there was a pheasant just sitting in my way on the trail and I got distracted. But whatever the cause I again cased a jump. This is the gap jump on the right side of the trail, up near the beginning. I am super glad that I didn’t go over the bars. It was a pretty good case. I’ve never cased it like that before, so in combination with my experience this morning on Hooked-on-a-feeling, I felt concerned.

So later when you ride by the road I really made sure that I did that gap well.

Here’s a recent video of riding Rodeo trail in Lambert Park.

But seriously, am I just getting old and can’t pedal? What’s going on? The rest of the trail was pretty fast, but I still felt funny. So I went back to the flow trails and hit hooked-on-a-feeling again and I got everything but the triple. So that’s good. It really comes down to pedaling hard at the right time and pulling the bike up to clear stuff, but that triple…

I have video of me clearing the triple, but it’s hard. You really have to dig for it.

Anyway, that was my ride this morning. Good old Lambert.

Ok, stay tuned, I’ll be back in town soon and I’ll hit another trail tell you all about it.

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